American Settler George McEntee represented by Bernardo Aldana, a grandson of Nicolas Aldana

Nicolas Aldana’s son Elias became a four-term mayor of Las Pinas while his grandson, lawyer Bernardo Q. Aldana was the mayor when World War II broke out. Another grandson, Cenon Aldana-Cosme served with the Insular U.S. Navy and was captured when Corregidor fell on May 6, 1942. He was later arrested as a suspected American Agent in saturation drive on Dec. 1944. Believed to have been taken to the notorious dungeons of Fort Santiago, Cenon A. Cosme was presumed to have been tortured then killed.  His body was never found. After the war, Bernardo Q. Aldana resumed his law practice and represented Americans whose properties were systematically being taken by relatives and friends of oligarch-traitors. Below is a successful appeal for plaintiff George McEntee.Below are medals my father and most likely Constancio Cosme & Nicolas Aldana’s grandson Cenon A. Cosme earned serving in the U.S. Insular Navy in WWII. All three of them were captured when Corregidor fell on 6 May 1942;  were forced into the second Death March and interned at Camp O’Donnell before being released in Oct. 1943.  

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