Treason: Aquino Family Tradition: Cory Aquino’s Turn

“Laurel has arranged to meet China’s top leaders, including senior leader Deng Xiaoping, Premier Zhao Ziyang, Foreign Minister Wu Xueqian and Zheng Tuobin, the foreign economic relations and trade minister.

Before leaving Manila, LAUREL said he will ASK FOR CHINESE AID FOR HIS FINANCIALLY STRAPPED COUNTRY. He did not specify what type of help.

“You cannot expect too much from ANOTHER DEVELOPING COUNTRY (CHINA). Despite that, CHINA is showing special consideration for our problems,” Laurel told reporters.**

(Salvador Laurel was the son of Jose P. Laurel the president of the Japanese-sponsored government during the Japanese occupation in World War II.)

From: Philippines Seeks Ties With China**

‎Wilmington Morning Star / Monday, June 16, 1986,4942050&dq=pres+corazon+aquino+china&hl=en

Blog Aquino-Laurel Seeks Ties with China 06-16-86

Imagine in 1986 China with over 900 million people was able to get out of the developing country status! By Nov. 2011 there were 271 $billionaires and 300,000 millionaires in China. The Philippines remained the poorest country in Asia.

Blog Cory Aquino meets with Chinese Leaders 04-15-88

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