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Bienvenido Macario  Riverside, CA 92503 Tel. 951-268-7919

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Functional & Regular Resume

former Volunteer – Janet Goeske Center Sept. 2011 –  Aug. 2016 5257 Sierra Street Riverside, CA 92504 – playing bass guitar on the Jim Campbell hour every Tuesday evening.


Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Accounting

BSBA Major in Accounting Equivalency and Foreign Academic Credential Evaluation Report:

Selected Online Courses Completed through Stanford University’s Continuing Education and All Learn Lifelong Learning (2008):

  1. “Political Science” & various business courses” – Stanford University;
  2. “Beyond Irrational Exuberance Making Sense of the Stock Market” – Yale University;
  3.  “The New Financial Order: Risk in the 21st Century” – Yale University;
  4. “Growth & Competition in the European Union” – Oxford University

Consistent contributor to the Stanford based web forum World Association of International Studies (WAIS) since 1999. Website:  / 

Lemuria Website Selected Posts:

The Rise of Silicon Valley – Martin Packard PhD ’49 Stanford (Oct. – Nov. 2015)
WAIS Posts: Discussions with Martin Packard Stanford PhD ’49 and The China Incident 2015

Paper No. VIII – Forecast on Businesses & Industries –5/21/2004 updated 11/16/2012

1.) Publications/Newspapers Industries 2.) Clothing and apparel in general is not as profitable as before. 3.) Entertainment (Recording and Movie Industries) 4.) Groceries / Supermarkets 5.) Banking 6.) Investments and Finance 7.) Technology or Silicon Valley

Perfect Storm over Europe Forecast June 2, 2007 Impact dates June 21 & Sept. 28, 2007

The Great Recession – Forecast Dec. 15, 2007

Welcome: Real Estate Forecast 12/15/2007 impact date: 03/15/2007


Working knowledge of OMB circulars A-132 and A-133.· Extensive financial, account & cost analysis experience including budgeting and special projects. ·         Years of bank reconciliation A/R, A/P P/R, G/L, fixed assets & month-end close experience. ·         Working knowledge of government contract & grant accounting, cost analysis & reimbursements. ·         Strong analytical skills.  Detail and result oriented team player.  Ability to work independently. ·         Excellent verbal & written communication skills with ability to handle multi-tasks. ·         Mac & PC MS Office (Excel, Word, Access); AS-400 & JD Edwards accounting software.     


The Maria Elena G. Macario Foundation, Riverside, CAFounder & Treasurer  – Jan. 2001 – Present –

  • Prepared and submitted F1023 Application for tax exemption to the IRS including the preparation of the Income and Expense Reports and Balance Sheet for the Foundation. The Foundation was granted tax exempt status as a private foundation effective July 18, 2016
  • Prepared and submitted the FTB3500 Application for tax exemption to Franchise Tax Board of California.
  • Maintain the books of the nonprofit.
  • The nonprofit was started in 2004 to assist senior citizens in the community along the board and care business we were starting. However when my wife died, I dedicated the nonprofit towards the goals of the foundation. My ongoing research forms part of the past, present and future activities of the Foundation.
  • As of July 18, 2016 the IRS has determined the MEG Macario Foundation as a private tax exempt foundation. see:
  • Application for tax exemption recognition in the State of California is pending. see: 
  • The U.S. Dept. of the Interior is looking forward to our filing of the Petition for recognition as Native American Nation of the Philippines under the current 2015 guidelines. see:

Objectives of The Maria Elena G. Macario Foundation:

  • Education and Religion: I found out 51 Medal of Honor recipients  (see:  who won the distinction defending and liberating the Philippines in WWII are virtually unknown in the Philippines and the U.S. This is no longer acceptable.  Here’s an example: Sadly, the Philippines celebrate the Fall of Bataan and the Fall of Corregidor that from the Japanese perspective are in fact celebration of Japanese victory in Bataan and the victory in Corregidor.   I know not of any religion that doesn’t preach giving thanks those who saved your life and delivered you from the horrible fate of living under the brutal occupation during WWII. Even atheists will give thanks and express gratitude to those who liberated them in WWII. Over the years, Philippine history and culture have largely been deliberately hidden, robbing us of our identity.
  • Lessening the burdens of government: Much of this can be found in my Remote Viewing section (See: On economic and financial topics domestic as well as international, my offer or suggestions can be found in this post: Happy Birthday America! (See:

For the first time in history, our tribe, the Nicolas Aldana Native American Tribe is offering the opportunity for the proverbial U.S. Cavalry to come to the rescue of Native Americans like the descendants of Nicolas Aldana  in the Philippines where non-Natives have already driven out American settlers like George McEntee; immediately after WWII. Then the oligarch-traitors having retained power, made one of their own the president of the new independent “republic” of the Philippines and started the virtual enslavement of the Native Americans, taking over its rich natural and human resources.




Genlabs, Chino, CA – Payroll Clerk – Kimco Financial Jan. 2007 – April 2007 5568 Schaefer Ave. Chino, CA. 91710 (909) 591-8451 Easterlee Millard ·         Processed weekly payroll for 100 employees. ·         Processed trade A/P; run checks

NGK Spark Plugs (USA) – Senior Accountant – Accountemps Jan. 2006 – May 2006 New address: 46929 Magellan Dr. Wixom, MI 48393 (248)-926-6900   ·

Prepared weekly inventory reports.  Received and process inter-company sales.         Maintained G/L and assisted in the monthly close.Prepare month-end reports.  

Golden State Water Co. Ontario, CA – Account Analyst (A/P) – Apple One Aug. 2005 – Jan 2006 2143 Convention Center Way, Suite 110, Ontario, CA 91764 June Kimura (909) 937-0111 ext. 335   ·

Processed A/P invoices using JD Edwards. ·         Assisted internal and external auditors audit documentation and SOX compliance testing.

Titan Transportation & Engineering Corona, CA – General Accountant – Accountemps 25225 MAITRI RD CORONA, CA 92883  (951) 277-9400   ·

Prepared bank reconciliation statements. ·         Prepared journal entries for leases and sale of vehicles.

Ralphs Grocery Inc. Diamond Bar, CA – Bookkeeper – Ajilon Finance  Aug. 2003 – Jan. 2004 1180 S Diamond Bar Blvd Diamond Bar, CA 91765 (909) 860-6999

Prepared daily sales report for the entire store. ·         Assisted in weekly and year-end closing.

City of Rialto, CA – Accountant – Accountemps Sep – Dec 2002

150 South Palm Avenue Rialto, California 92376 USA Phone: 909-820-2500 ·

Worked on reimbursable funds and receivables from state and federal grants programs using guidelines established in OMB A-132 & A-133 circulars. ·         Prepared financial and engineering work-in-process, committed costs, percentage of completion reports.                           

K. Hovnanian Companies – Irvine, CA – Senior Accountant – Kimco Financial Jan – Jul 2001 2495 Campus Dr, Irvine – (949) 660-9006 ·         Assisted in the preparation of quarterly budgets & periodic top management monthly reports. ·         Implemented a newly designed work-in-progress cost tracking spreadsheet requiring timely report submission and coordination with various on-going project managers and builders.  

American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)  – Lakewood, CA – ITS Business Management –   Accountants On Call Apr – Aug 2000 9-12-2000 SU 3200 Carson St Lakewood, CA 90712 (562) 496-2277   ·

Took over the processing and interaction with the major vendors of AARP. ·    Handled the business aspect of the Information Technology Systems. ·         Interfaced with IT and other vendors of AARP’s Lakewood, CA office. ·         Prepared monthly and weekly report for the Washington D.C. office.  

Broadband Interactive Group  – Irvine, CA – Staff Accountant – AOC Dec. 99 to Mar 2000   ·         Took over A/R reconciliation statements and aging report from outsource company. ·         Prepared bank reconciliation statements for the corporate account and its subsidiaries. ·         Prepared and compiled 1099 for current and prior years using Excel and Quick books. ·         Performed sales and other analysis as assigned.

Functional Resume: Bienvenido Macario , Irvine, CA 92620 Tel. (951) 268-7919

E-mail: alternative e-mail:

OBJECTIVE: To apply new and proven knowledge gained through online education, work experience, observation and my participation with WAIS (World Association of International Studies) website: in the public or private industries. Examples of my WAIS posts are included.

EDUCATION: Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – Accounting Selected Online Courses Completed through Stanford University’s Continuing Education and All Learn Lifelong Learning (2008):

1.)   Political Science & various business courses – Stanford University;

2.) “Beyond Irrational Exuberance Making Sense of the Stock Market” – Yale University;

3.) “The New Financial Order: Risk in the 21st Century” – Yale University;

4.) “Growth & Competition in the European Union” – Oxford University

Consistent contributor to the Stanford based web forum World Association of International Studies (WAIS) since 1999. Website:

SKILLS: Working knowledge of OMB circulars A-132 and A-133 in the contracts & grants and work in process accounting from the city government perspective as applied for municipal, state, federal programs including reimbursable projects.

  • Intermediate to Advance Excel experience, MS Word
  • JD Edwards Accounting Software.
  • Analytic.


  • Solid foundation on US domestic finance, trade, industry and business trends.
  • Unique experience in global financial markets & currency trends.
  • Experienced in the securitization efforts of mortgage alternatives in overseas real estate markets.
  • Performed analysis, conceptualization & provide preliminary evaluation of the financial valuation methods & alternatives of goods or services.
  • Strong analytical skills applied in global and regional trade & foreign currency trends.
  • Keen understanding of international business and financial development dynamics.
  • Third party consulting on privatization efforts & financing alternatives in the energy and transportation industries in developing country setting.
  • Performed analysis, conceptualization & preliminary evaluation of privatization methods of various industries in overseas emerging capital markets.

EXPERIENCE: Lemuria Corp.  Corona, CA                                                           1998 – Present Independent Consultant                                

  • Reviewed & analyzed Grameen banking & micro-finance applications and alternatives in suburban & urban settings in both developing and first world settings.
  • Maintain on-going domestic market research & analysis with emphasis on the roundabout global impact.
  • Reviewed agro-industrial revival & revitalization business plans in a specific developing nation setting.
  • Prepared a comprehensive business development plan for an IT consulting and recruitment business including cash flow, income projections, marketing, management and financing schedules.
  • Conceptualized and developed a strategy in formulating review standard for an energy related grant application.
  • Assisted in the review of a pre, pre-qualification grant application for the California Energy Commission.

GIMC Inc. (now Lemuria Inc.) Ridgecrest, CA                                1995 – 1997



  • Conceptualized, developed and implemented business plan for IT outsourcing and staffing business.
  • Designed and developed an overseas recruitment program including the visa applications, processing and documentation ensuring a seamless operation.
  • Provided 3rd party consulting services to review a business plan for the privatization of port functions.
  • Provided preliminary consulting to majorUSbased engineering & construction companies and overseas market in privatization of transportation and energy infrastructure projects.
  • Provided preliminary consulting for the overseas real estate and construction industry focusing on financial challenges and their requirements.

PARTIAL LIST OF UNPUBLISHED PAPERS Here are the eight papers with my e-mail dated 5-22-04 being last on the list. Please note that the following are separate papers:

1) Real Estate Forecast 15 Dec. 2006 Impact date: 15 March 2007

2) The Great Recession – Forecast Dec. 15, 2007

3) Zero Sum Game of Global Finance 5th Edition 12/11/12

4) “The Perfect Storm” as posted on WAIS Oct. 18, 2009

5) Paper No. VIII: Original E-mail dated May 21, 2004 updated Fri. Nov. 16, 2012Oxford - Stanford - Yale Consortium And here is the letter from the Nevada State Board of Accountancy allowing me to sit on the Uniform CPA examinations upon the advise of the University of Nevada – Reno Department of Admissions and Records that my Philippine credentials “is substantially equivalent to a BA or BS major in Accountancy as earned here in the United States.” BSBA Accounting Equivalency   Also attached are the cover pages of the course work materials for: 1. “Beyond Irrational Exuberance Making Sense of the Stock Market” – Yale University; 2. “Growth & Competition in the European Union” – Oxford University 3. “The New Financial Order: Risk in the 21st Century” – Yale University; ================================================= Blog - AllLearn 'Beyond Irrational Exuberance' Yale   Blog - AllLearn 'Growth & Competition in the EU - Oxford   Blog - AllLearn 'The New Financial Order' - Yale

Aug. 27, 2014 As part of my resume are significant recent posts include: Below is the link to my birthday gift to America in addressing Alan Greenspan’s concerns about the 2008 financial crisis such as how JP Morgan, IMF and even the Federal Reserve ALL failed to see the crisis coming! Greenspan said: “Not a single major forecaster of note or institution caught it.”

My blog will show I’ve seen and warned them about these crises including those in Europe, Asia, South America and the U.S.

Happy Birthday America” 07-05-14

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Feb. 15, 2013 My recent post / comment is about the currency wars and a mark-to-market on the impending recession to impact the U.S. by March 15, 2013.

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