Elena’s Letter Explanation Why We Had to File for Bankruptcy in Dec. 2000

Below is the letter faxed by Maria Elena explaining why we had to file for bankruptcy in Dec. 2000. My wife died penniless on Dec. 10, 2010, while the children and grandchildren of quisling-oligarchs are listed on Forbes Magazine. Yet they never invented, developed or discovered anything even remotely associated to their unexplained wealth. How could this build up of unexplained wealth by those whose parents and grandparents worked for the Japanese in WWII go on for over 72 years without Washington DC’s tacit approval?Elena s letter explaining why we had to file for bankruptcy 03-04-2004














My text to Gabe & Drake

Sept 21, 2017

This is the letter I found while going through the files preparing for the move. You each keep a copy of this letter.

Like I said your mum & I should be one of the richest couples in the Philippines if not the world.

After we helped our employer secure several big contracts in the Philippines which was their first ever, your mum wasn’t given any credit & to hide our contribution to the company’s success l was laid off.

I wasn’t able to get a permanent job after that.

Also those in the Philippines who now own the geothermal resources your mum discovered insist we go back.

I don’t think it was an accident that your mum’s passport was lost in the fire that burned a substantial part of your mum’s house in April 1995 in Quezon City, Philippines. Drake was there.

They want to keep her there.

Oh, we were offered two big houses but it was in the Philippines. Again, they desperately want us to go back to the Philippines where everything is under their control.

You two should know everything that happened to us, your parents.

We shouldn’t be this hard up in finances.

By the way I’ve posted this episode at the Stanford Alumni forum where I’m active.

Politicians & activists shouldn’t be preaching about race & gender equality and NOT do anything about what happened to us, your mother & father.

I sometimes ask in my email: “If you were in our position, what will you do?”

How about the two of you who should have been enjoying the fruits of your parents’ honest work but instead have to watch your parents torn apart just to force us to go back to the Philippines & be under their control, what would you do?

This is why they made sure I will have a very difficult time to get a job. And they cannot do this with help from here.

(Think and study the situation don’t get emotional)

“History will judge us all.”

Ask questions & I’ll answer it the best I can.

Love you both,



  Maria Elena G. Macario’s Cover Page of her Paper for her MS in Petroleum Engineering at   Stanford University March 1991.MGM Stanford MS Paper March 1991 p1&2














Paul Aquino (left) son of Benigno Aquino, Sr. one of the most dedicated quislings in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation, somehow ended becoming the geothermal magnate of the Philippines. Benigno P. Aquino IV, the grandson to the Japanese collaborator who is being groomed to be the next president of the Philippines.

Paul Aquino-Geothermal magnate & son, future President Benigno Aquino IV 09-15-17










Roxas and Aquino: A Tale of Two Lucky Traitors.

Roxas & Aquino - A tale of two lucky traitors Sept. 15, 2017

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