Remote Viewing: An Introduction

Remote Viewing Program initiated by CIA From the CIA Manual on Remote ViewingRemote Viewing Definition DIA


These psychic spies, or "remote viewers," were able to infiltrate any target, elude any form of security, and never risk a scratch.

These psychic spies, or ‘remote viewers,’ were able to infiltrate any target, elude any form of security, and never risk a scratch.”

Actually, it very taxing on the family and relationships. Especially if they do not believe or understand remote viewing.

Seventh Sense - Secrets of Remote Viewing Book Cov. & WAIS post 8-14-13

Book Ad - The 7th Sense-'The Secrets of Remote Viewing As Told by a 'Psychic Spy' for the US'
















Below are pages 44 & 45 from Lyn Buchanan’s book “The Seventh Sense: The Secrets of Remote Viewing . . .” Through channels, they were ordered to go back in time and pinpoint where the bomb was placed that blew Pan Am Fl 103 out of the sky over Lockerbie on Dec. 21, 1988. So this Remote Viewing could go back in time and see the precise moment the bomb on board Pan Am Fl 103 was detonated.

Remote Viewing-7th Sense - Pan Am Fl 103 Lockerbie, Scotland 12-21-1988 p.44 & 45










Another Remote Viewer, Maj. Ed Dames’ was asked what was his greatest Remote Viewing success and he said : “Uncovering lost treasures like Ark of the Covenant.”

Maj. Ed Dames - Remote Viewing Success - Finding the Ark of the Convenant

Now Lyn Buchanan and Ed Dames did their job while serving in the regular US Army unit. In my group’s case, we didn’t have the support structure of the government and so we operated much like a militia such that teammates come and go as they please. Since the topic is about treasures and the past, here’s some treasures that I’ve uncovered mostly using remote viewing.

WAIS Headquarters in the US West Coast 

Below is the only documentation I have identifying me as a remote viewer. I shall reveal her name as soon as I get her permission.
Remote Viewer Sample of Bus. Application


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