Roman Catholic Church’s (CBCP) Investments in the Philippines

The big issue with the Roman Catholic clergy is they insist on giving the very advice they themselves refuse to take. They tell parishioners to get a job, get married, have kids,use only the highly unreliable rhythm method and all of these they vow not to do! Why is that?

Advanced and industrialized countries could afford unproductive members of society that is the clergy. But Third World countries like the Philippines do not have the luxury of having these economically unproductive members of society. What is puzzling is the fact that our Lord Jesus Christ and His Apostles have life skills either as a carpenter, fishermen or even a tax collector. Why is it so difficult for Roman Catholic clergy to learn some trade or life skills? How about being a teacher? They are very intelligent, disciplined and above average moral character! They really should multiply. Otherwise society will produce off springs that on the average are less intelligent, dishonest, corrupt , vile and unfitting members of society because the good, healthy intelligent men and women are not supposed to reproduce.

Sources claim these are just some of the investments of the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines.  CBCP - Investments with San Miguel Corp.CBCP Investments Archbishop of Manila & Jaro CBCP Investments in Philex Mining by Religious Orders CBCP Investments as of 2011

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