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Because Japanese collaborators retained power even after the defeat of Japan, we have been denied the opportunity to thank or even know who the liberators of our town, Las Piñas, Rizal were. The United States suffered over 64,000 killed and wounded in the liberation of the Philippines alone.

Speaking from my late wife’s and my personal experience in the former US territory, the Philippines will always have the same group of families at the top of the food chain.  Having tried everything else, maybe as a Native American, my late wife’s accomplishments would finally be recognized and rewarded.

The more I looked for answers why we are getting this treatment, more questions came up.  My ongoing research forms part of the past, present and future activities of the Foundation.

You will see some of my findings on this site.

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GI's from the Philippines attend Mass in Manila, 1945. Much of our history has been lost over the years.
GI’s from the Philippines attend Mass in Manila, 1945. Much of our history has been deliberately hidden over the years.
  • Education and Research: I found out 51 Medal of Honor recipients who won the distinction defending and liberating the Philippines in WWII are virtually unknown in the Philippines and the U.S. This is no longer acceptable.

Here’s an example: Sadly, the Philippines celebrate the Fall of Bataan and the Fall of Corregidor that from the Japanese perspective are in fact celebration of Japanese victory in Bataan and the victory in Corregidor.

I know not of any religion that doesn’t preach giving thanks those who saved your life and delivered you from the horrible fate of living under the brutal occupation during WWII. Even atheists will give thanks and express gratitude to those who liberated them in WWII.

Over the years, Philippine history and culture have largely been deliberately hidden, robbing us of our identity.


  • Lessening the burdens of government: Much of this can be found the Remote Viewing section of this website.

On economic and financial topics domestic as well as international, my offer or suggestions can be found in this post: Happy Birthday America!

For the first time in history, our tribe, the Nicolas Aldana Native American Tribe is offering the opportunity for the proverbial U.S. Cavalry the legendary 11th Airborne Division, U.S. Army to come to the rescue of Native Americans like the descendants of Nicolas Aldana  in the Philippines where non-Natives have already driven out American settlers like George McEntee immediately after WWII. Then the oligarch-traitors having retained power, made one of their own the president of the new independent “republic” of the Philippines and started the virtual enslavement of the Native Americans, taking over its rich natural and human resources.

Jan. 6, 2017 – In a more recent development, there are some 14,000 American veterans who reside around Subic and nearby Angeles city, the former home of Clark Air Base.  Jack Walker, a 65-yr. old retired Marine Corps sergeant believes the Subic – Clark area “could be quickly repopulated” if Mr. Trump decides to confront China over its airstrip construction and other activities in the heavily contested water of the strategic South China Sea.

Well, the plan is to repossess our ancestral land as Native Americans. WE SHALL MAKE THE ENTIRE PHILIPPINES AN AMERICAN BATTLE MONUMENT!

Some backstory …

When we were kids 1st or 2nd graders, while playing leapfrog or something similar, my cousin Philip V. Cosme had a bad fall and broke his arm below the elbow. While in itself this doesn’t sound like much, there’s a lot more to it than that.

See, Philip’s father Constancio G. Cosme was with my father and my maternal uncle Cenon Cosme during WWII in the Insular US Navy. They were captured on Corregidor in WWII; walked and survived the 2nd Death March. May 1942. Uncle Cenon was arrested in Dec. 1944 as an American agent. After the war my father served as a fireman for the U.S. Air Force on Guam.

His father Constancio G. Cosme was still in the U.S. Navy and stationed in Sangley Naval base in Cavite. As a dependent of a U.S. serviceman, my cousin was brought at the Naval base for treatment. We waited for his return but we were told he’d be back next day.

We were told he had to be airlifted to Clark Air Force Base in Pampanga where they have complete facilities for his cast and what have you. For a 1st or 2nd grader, I was quite impressed.

Right there and then I said I am in the U.S.of A. I mean for the service to airlift my cousin to get better treatment?

How could I believe I was in a country other than the U.S. of A.?

Why Lemuria?

According to legend, the continent of Lemuria  (or Mu) took up much of the Pacific Ocean. Much of it except for a few islands — the Hawaiian Islands, Easter Island, and the Philippines — remain. Like Atlantis, mystery shrouds Lemuria, though various artifacts found on the islands leave clues.

Lemuria is also an original name of the Philippines.

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